Saturday, March 7, 2009

Retired Running Shoes

Rob the mortician, one of our local mountain bikers, asked me years ago why I took up running -- did I know the health "hazards" of running? I laughed him off and went running down the trail. While I never experienced the exploding heart he was referring to (that's what he says!), or even bad knees that I hear many folks complain about, I have experienced an annoyance older female runners sometimes are plagued with. So the last couple weeks I hung up the running shoes and by George I believe I'm out of that habit too now (20 days really does break a habit). I no longer get home and immediately say "I gotta go for a run" or at lunch get all weird about "gotta get out for my run" (my cube neighbor gets mad if she misses a day!). So what do I do with my 20 pairs of running shoes? I guess I have enough to last long into retirement, huh! Just another change in the evolution of exercise. Bye-bye running, hello retirement.

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