Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Swim Critique from Professionals

Let me start off by reminding folks I'm not a swimmer...my experience with swimming was my mom and dad throwing me in Harvey's Lake when I was 4 and making me puppy paddle. I loved it, but it was hardly swimming! Smalltown USA didn't have pools - we had ponds. So we splished and splashed on innertubes not doing a whole lot of "real" swimming - let alone competing. Soo...when I decided to figure out this swim thang 5 years ago, it was quite an undertaking. Now, I'm attempting to get a little more serious and its making my head swim - literally! I just received my video critique and here's what they had to say:
We instantly found about 4 major critiques on your stroke:
1) need higher elbow, hip rotation
2) you enter near your head, no reaching (you want maximum reach)
3) you are pushing the water "down" not "back"
4) your kick is good at the start and then your foot actually extends back too much causing drag.

So now there's a little more to think about in that 2 second stroke. The coaches are also going to call and talk to me, along with possibly send some video of drills to work on. They SO rock. There's some really, really good people on this good earth. Well...back to the pool!

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