Saturday, January 26, 2008

Ed Talks in Two weeks

Work and play normally don't mix, but for this post I'm diverting a little and talking about work. We used to call them "Freaky" Fridays, and yesterday held up to its name. Contrary to popular belief that stateworkers don't work, my state job was incredibly busy and exciting yesterday. Yes, I said exciting. SO exciting I woke up in the middle of the night thinking about it, then couldn't get back to sleep. The Governor is giving his annual Budget address in two weeks, and because of this week's economy craziness, he decided he wants to help "spur" the economy in Pennsylvania. Since I'm in the Department responsible for the spurring (Department of Community and Economic Development) I helped play a small part in pulling together a proposal. It was a very small part, but the excitement was the same for me as it was for big-wigs that captain the ship. Here's how the week panned out: The top dogs gathered on Tuesday to brainstorm and come up with a plan - my boss is one of the top dogs. One of my co-workers in my Division came up with some incredible ideas. The ideas went "across the street" (the governor's office) on Wednesday and by Thursday evening they were back with our Top Dogs. Early Friday AM was a conference call confirming the content of the finalized proposal and I was abosolutely honored to take the stab at the first draft. Actually, it was quite easy... the basics were already there, I just formalized them into a really nice proposal. After 14 edits (isn't that the norm?), it made it back to the Governor's Office by 5:15 Friday evening for printing this weekend into the final Budget Document/presentation. So the state Government Budget Season has begun. From now until the Budget passes in June, my days will be filled with unexpected rush-jobs, unanticipated potential stay-a-little-late nights (poor Rick was sitting in the car about 1.5 hours on friday!) and days filled with excitement of new initiatives and old changing initiatives.

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