Saturday, January 5, 2008

SIMBREE Company - an Organic Energy Food

Simbree Company is my new favorite energy food -- I think even more than CLIF and Rick and I buy Clif bars by the case. From their website:

Simbree makes snacks with the very best ingredients: organic whole grains, organic brown sugar, seeds, nuts and wild blackberry honey from the Pacific Northwest.
Not only is Simbree good for you, it is good tasting too!
At Simbree we believe in
simple nutrition, great tasting snacks and wholehearted service. Take a tour through our website to see the many ways you can bring Simbree to your table, whether it is for biking, breakfast, lunch, snacks or on the trail.
Simply Simbree!

I picked up a packet of Simbree Bites when we were in Orlando last year and was immediately hooked. 1) their products are ORGANIC. 2) They have excellent nutritional content (9 grams protein!) with minimal additives/processing and 3) their Organic Granola has 50% iron!!! Do you have any idea how hard it is to find organic granola with 50% iron content! That's huge, and I'm hooked. And they just agreed to be a sponsor for the Rattling Creek BASH this year. Yeh baby...Simbree bites for the rides. You'll love them. Check them out and order a lot. They are a small company, so help make them a big company!

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