Thursday, January 3, 2008

Pro Xterra Athlete does a 22 hr bike week

Ya know, somehow when the coach tells the average weekend warrior he/she should be doing a 12-15 hr week right now to be ready for the bike race season (no weekend triathlete is doing that amount of riding right now! Maybe that amount in a trio of sports, but not all bike - sorry Mr. Bike Coach!), it really doesn't seem like enough when you read about a pro putting in a 22 hr bike week. AND, then she throws in her runs and swims to make it nearly a 30 hour week. Geez! On the other hand, they are PROS. That's means they get paid to train. They get paid to race, and they win big bucks most of the time. And just what does it take to go pro? I'm guessing 22 hour bike weeks to start :), then youth probably helps, and finally a ton of determination and natural ability to race like hell. I find it interesting that women, I've been told, do not mature athleticly until their mid to late thirties and that holds true in many women I know... including the pro I'm talking about here, Melanie McQuaid. In the local MASS circuit, Alaina Deitz is 38 whom is the dominate rider on the women's side. I also expect to run into Alaina on the multi-sport side this year too -- she a cross-country runner first, a biker 2nd, and a triathlete third. She did her first tri last year in Sunbury and was 1st woman to finish. Only after my bud, C-Bo gave her a run for her money on the bike and in the swim. But in the end, Alaina - the runner - whooped butt on the run and won. She also runs the late winter 7 mile trail run on the same trails as the Tour de Tykes. Last year she was first woman at 1:10. She's an incredible athlete, and proof of the mid-thirties athletic maturity for women. But there's a positive to racing with Alaina in multi-sport -- she's 10 years younger than me and in a different age group. That was never the case in mountain biking. Thank you multi-sport for appropriate age groups!

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