Monday, February 7, 2011

Wrapping Up the Winter Endurance Riding

It's done! Long winter rides are over and spring is looking ever-so welcome. Thanks to my bud, Donna, we finished out the final two week winter endurance period with a lovely 5:15 hour, 51-mile tour of beautiful Adams and Cumberland county. Donna's in-laws are from Adams county and we stopped for a quick visit along the way while we rode miles and miles of back roads through rolling fields of orchards. Donna and Brett were married on a hill, in an orchard, and Donna showed me the spot on the Weiser Farm where they tied the knot - beautiful. Most farms in Adams county are orchards, except this one in the pictures. There were burrows, llamas, turkeys, chickens, ducks, guinea chickens, and goats - all pets. My house would look exactly like this if Rick wouldn't have prevented me from getting the critters I wanted over the years (sheep, goats, geese, chickens, and a horse - all pets). The ride had two decent climbs and lots of rollers. Can't be sure of the elevation gain, but suffice it to say it was a bunch. Probably not near enough to be "officially" ready for the TSE, but enough for the end of winter training. I'm looking forward to more country road riding with Donna. Besides a handful of times Rick went with me, I've ridden road by myself for many, many years. Lower Northumberland and Western Schuylkill counties have awesome road riding with very little traffic and big rollers. It's a nice change to ride with someone - thanks bud! We now have a little break in long hours to focus more on power, then rest before we start spring training on March 7. Two more really fast girls signed up for the TSE -- Sue Haywood and Vicki Barclay. Vicki won Ironcross last year only 4 minutes behind Laub if that gives you an idea how fast SHE is. And of course Sue is the famous should-have-been-in-the olympics a couple years ago mountain biker. I say "should have been" because she rightfully earned her points and got screwed because of an event that wasn't recorded and she lost her spot to go. It was sad to see that happen. Of course, we won't see them during the race -- they'll beat most men -- but it's nice to see women enter and it inspires me to ride, ride, ride, and ride a little more this spring. Can't wait!

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