Thursday, February 3, 2011

Home Stretch for Winter Endurance

Yes, it's just about over. Phil said it would be and could we ever doubt Phil? Spring IS around the corner. Last fall, when I looked at two weeks of bike riding 16-18 hours at the end of January/early February, all I could say was you got to be kidding me. In January? We're going to do a 5 hour ride in Central PA? We'll see. So here it is.... last week was the beginning of the final two week endurance period for winter training and yes, we're doing it! You saw my post on last weekend's riding (8 hours total on the trainer which equates to 12-16 hours on the road - damn!) and this weekend is the FINAL endurance session for the winter. Saturday's weather isn't cooperating for a 5-hour ride so it may be yet one more trainer day but I'll make that final decision on Saturday. But Sunday is looking awesome and I (we!) fully intend to get out for a change and ride for a couple hours. It's a pretty darn good feeling to know this is it for the winter endurance and we should be able to ride outside the next time a 3+ hr ride is scheduled which isn't until March 19 although I'm sure I'll be sticking in a 3hr ride or two between now and then. The Michaux Mash is the following week, March 26. Yeh! no snow (fingers crossed)-- and trails will be waiting. The light at the end of the winter training tunnel is growing brighter and it's a welcome sight.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Amen Buttercup!! Frog leaps were fun last night...:-)