Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Trainer Time vs Road Time - From the Pro

From a respected Pro when asked the question on his thoughts on trainer time vs road time:

I think trainer time is worth AT LEAST 1.5 road time. We don't ever stop pedalling on the trainer, there is less affect of momentum, and we tend to ride harder (probably because it's kind of boring, there are no distractions, and we don't get the buzz from the movement).
I say 1.5 times, or even 2 times if you are really putting in quality time on the trainer.

OMG! If that's the case, then I just put in a 12-16 hour road riding weekend this past weekend. My trainer time was 4 hours on Sunday AND Saturday -- both days in the endurance zone which in my opinion, is a quality workout. Ha! Bring on the TSE!

Coach Laub - I hope you are reading this! Because I know you are putting in the same amount of time if not more. Wow... no wonder you're an animal at racing!

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