Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Training Rounds 1, 2, and 3

This weekend's training was much lighter at 4.5 hours compared to last weekend's 9 hours of riding. Saturday was still a little chilly -- and even snowing at one point -- so it was yet another trainer day. Luckily, there was specific interval-type training on tap so I could easily adapt it to the trainer. But, alas, Mr. Brown needed his workout too and his winter choice is the YMCA. My early morning Round 1 trainer session was followed by an afternoon Round 2 at the YMCA. It was another 1/2 on the bike, then some weights. I haven't been doing much weight work, so I'm a little sore today. This morning (Sunday,) was Round 3 for the weekend. Sometimes you can't trust the weatherman and after too many false alarms for whatever the prediction may be, I decided to take a wait-and-see attitude for Sunday's ride. The thought on Friday was to get out on Sunday and ride for 2.5 hours given it was to be in the 40's and sunny. This morning, Accuweather wasn't calling for anything above 37 in Gratz with partly sunny and winds averaging 18ish mpg. Brrrr.. When daylight came, I could see it was overcast AND flurries were flying again. So I opted for the trainer one more time. Another interval was on tap and this one was actually fun and made the time go by fairly quickly on the trainer. After a 30 minute warm-up, every two minutes I did a race pace "burst" to get my heart rate up to 165, then left go back to 75% HR and held it two minutes. Repeat 20 times. It was a good workout. The afternoon actually turned out semi-decent weatherwise and the temps hit low 40's, so I spent it washing too-dirty bikes. Great day -- great weekend.

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