Sunday, February 20, 2011

Training Like a Pro. Really?

Yup... even FIT CHICK uses Chris Eatough! So, yeh - we're training like Pros! No, not really; but, its fun to think we are. But the training us mere mortals typically don't do here in Central PA is the traveling to a locale closer to the equator. At least four of me/Donna's female competitors at the Transylvania Epic have trained or will be training south of the border. If it's not Arizona, they will be enjoying warm temps and riding somewhere equally exotic. Sue Haywood has been in Sedona AZ since January sometime. Amanda Carey is heading to Tuscon AZ for two solid months after spending a week or two in Maui. Sonya Looney will be sponsoring a camp in Sedona later in the spring. And while it ain't Arizona, it's equally awesome -- Rebecca Rusch is currently in Argentina and Fit Chick (Selene Yeager), (who doesn't claim to be a pro by the way), spent three days in Puerto Rico. And us desk job working stiffs? Well, we make do with what we have in Central PA - something that fits into our hectic weekend schedules of tending to family, home, cooking and hubbies. For me, that was something like riding up and down the 3-minute hill next to my house 10 times yesterday at a nice comfy heart rate of 155-160. I'm sure Violet (elderly neighbor) was peering out her window thinking, "oh dear." It was cold and windy, I had to be ready to head north with Ricky to a kayak rolling session by 2:00, and I was feeling tired from the day before so I opted to stay as close to home as possible. The plan called for 10x 2 minutes at 85% heart rate on a hill, spinning at 60% in between each effort. The hill at my house is actually a 5-minute hill from top to bottom. I ended up doing a minute to get into the 85% zone, two minutes at that effort, then coasting back down for a minute. It was perfect. Ten times up and down that baby and I wasn't tired, cold, nor minding the wind anymore. It's amazing once you BUCK UP and do it how glad you are you did and how good it makes you feel. We then went and rolled our boats for two hours and ate at an awesome restaurant that caters to local farmers, Emmas Food for Life. Great day. Can't wait to ride Weiser state forest today. Will give you an update on that too. Toodles!

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