Wednesday, July 15, 2009

A Toothy Experience

"Hi... my name is Betty. And I'm your Dental Technician. Have a seat and smile, but relax your smile. That's it! Thanks for coming." Betty was the gal at Muth and Mumma that took a picture of my "real" front tooth to match up a computerized perfect match to the crowns she's going to make for me. I learned something new today.... there's actually a "place" that manufactures teeth with people (dental technicians - not to be confused with dental assistants or dental hygienists) sitting at tables with all kinds of teeth surrounding them. Big teeth, little teeth, long teeth, white teeth, stained teeth, multiple teeth and a single tooth here and there. It was fascinating! Teeth on the production line...pumping out teeth. Do you think they get paid by the tooth? Is there a piece rate on teeth? Yes teeth come from somewhere... but I just never thought about a tooth processor as an industry. There's even people who make teeth for monsters! Ha! A very unique way to make a living! I build teeth.

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