Saturday, July 25, 2009

Dodging Horse Turds

It was nice to mountain bike with Sheena today... I'm sorry she had to be subjected to my ranting and raving about horses on singletrack. Yes... there was a horse competition on the Weiser trails today and had I known, I would not have ridden there. You can read all about my rant and rave on the RCST blog. Back to the ride... it was AWESOME! I seldom get to ride with people so when I do, I have a blast. We both were a little tattered and torn by the end of our 3-hour tour, but overall it was a good day in the woods. We climbed, we rock-hopped (well.. tried to rock hop), we climbed a little more, fell, drank, cussed, spit, screamed down White Oak Road, and generally had a good time. Thanks Sheena! I needed that.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Sorry i missed the chance to ride with you two...but it was real nice to hike all day too! :)