Sunday, July 26, 2009

Fired Up Hubby

Most of you know my hubby, Rick, is an even-keel, unexciteable kinda guy. I actually admire his stress-free attitude - he lets practically nothing get him upset or angered. He's a dear, but sometimes even fire under his butt wouldn't make him jump very high. Until yesterday....

He paddled the Lehigh River while Sheena and I went for a mountain bike ride in Weiser which turned out to be a horse turd dodging ride 'cause there was a horse competition on the trails. You saw my earlier post and if you are reading the RCST blog, horses on soft singletrack is a problem. When I told Rick what was going on, he immediately got hot! He said get Jim Theurer's phone number (the horse guy). He called and no answer. I said he may still be at Camp Muckelratz 'cause I think I overheard someone saying its a two-day event. Rick dropped everything and headed to Camp Muckelratz. No supper, no bath, no nothing -- just straight to the horse event at 7:30 at night after driving 3 hours to and from the Lehigh river. He talked to the guy reminding him of last year's discussion when Mr. Theurer put on the event and no horses on singletrack. All Mr. Theurer could say was, "DCNR said we could use anything we wanted." Rick came home and couldn't shut up. "We" (the bike club) built many of those trails and yes we knew it was multi-use but not for one of the user groups to completely tear it up and not fix it. I went to bed and he followed me saying "you're going to bed on me?" Of course I said no, lay down and tell me more. So he did. The horse people were looking at a map saying, "oh, I heard this trail is awesome." They were referring to Shale Run which ALSO is soft and will be completely ruined after last night's hard rain and 80 or so horses hooves chewing it up today. This morning, Rick was barely awake at 7:00 (he seldom gets up this early on weekends) and he was grabbing the camera, shoes, socks, dry clothes and heading to the woods. I really wanted to go along and trail run, but he couldn't wait 1/2 hour... he wanted to get before and after shots. I can't recall the last time I saw him so "concerned." He's pissed! And rightfully so... many, many, many people volunteered hundreds of hours building those trails. The horse folks aren't quite grasping the work we really put into it... nor is DCNR. Which is why Rick is on a rampage. It's very possible after this we'll pass our leadership of the club onto other folks to manage. I hate seeing Rick fired up! Its just not his style. He commented, "No one can fuck up rocks and water, can they." Hmmm.... he may have a point.

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