Friday, July 17, 2009

Race Weekend!

It's a race weekend! I haven't had a race weekend in a while and this will be the last until the Cap City Challenge on September 19. While my bud Donna is doing the Michaux Curse of Dark Hollow 20 miler, I'm doing my first ever 10K! I signed up for it as training AND its my first time competing in my new age group - 50-59! That sucks, but maybe not!? Its an Xterra Trail run put on by Mountain Bike race promoter turned triathlete, Don Morrison. The race is Sunday at Bear Creek -- the same trails the Mid Atlantic Super Series holds their season finale. So I have the biking down (although its not near as much now that I added running again), the paddling is a piece of cake, and now the running. I think I'm set for an adventure race! Cap City will likely be my last race of the year 'cause I have to save $500 somewhere and cutting out racing seems like a good place to start. My work has a "Get Healthy" program that needs completed on-line annually to get a reduction in the health care costs they take out of our pay. I was turned down this year 'cause I didn't do one for Rick (the program is confusing, the website is non-user friendly, and I guess I did something wrong), and it'll now cost me $500 extra a year. rick is NOT a happy camper, nor am I (the program is stupid in the first place -- how many people do you think really tell the truth and say they are "healthy" to get the reduction?)

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