Thursday, July 16, 2009

Day 4 of the "Diet"

Diet is such a poor choice of words for losing weight -- diet is a what we eat daily no matter what it is you eat. You can have a bad diet, or a good diet, but really, we don't "diet" to lose weight - we diet every day. This is day 4 of what I was calling a "cleanse" which was to clean out the high-glycemic food remnants in my system. I ate two bites of watermelon (very high glycemic), and 4 slices of 12-grain bread (some of the grains in the bread are very high-glycemic like spelt and wheat), so I can't say I stuck to the cleansing. Something new I noticed -- that bottomless pit I talked about that opens up and I start shoveling food in? Its because of the high glycemic foods! As soon as I popped the bread in my mouth, I immediately got hungrier afterwards and wanted more -- that's the blood sugar rise. Now I know! High-fiber, low glycemic foods from now on. So the cleanse is a success no matter what. I DID stick to the low calories and by George it's working -- I'm down at least 1.5 pounds, maybe 2. Monday was 1200 calories, Tuesday I wavered a little and hit 1600, and yesterday I got back on the bandwagon and stuck at 1400. Today and tomorrow and are two more days of sticking to my guns. Talk about inspiration!! The scale hasn't gone done in months - so to see it finally drop was exhilarating and certainly incentive to try even harder. The energy level was a little low on Tuesday when we kayaked (thus, the calories went up to 1600), but yesterday wasn't bad and I rode bike/turned compost piles last night too. Today was a slow, tired start, but feeling better as the day goes. Tonight is a run/weights, and tomorrow I'll take it easy again. Then Saturday, it's back to "normal", but normal will be only occassional high-glycemic foods. There's always something new to learn (or put into practice what you know) in the food world, isn't there!

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