Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Riding My Single Speed! (Finally)

It's about friggin time I get the hell out on a bike. This Saturday is finally gonna be warm enuf (in my book) to get the heck out and ride, and there's nothing else planned this weekend for me. Rick is kayak rolling on Sunday, but since I decided to ride on Saturday, I'm not going to roll on Sunday. Its a new thing I'm doing -- only 1 day a weekend can be used for "travel" to an activity. The other day is domestic, stay-at-home day and do that really fun stuff like cook, clean, garden, visit mom and dad, etc.

Zach, the incredibly enthusiastic, talented, boy-can-he-ride-a-bike kid from Carlisle (I think he's from Carlisle), is putting on a race in March called the Michaux Mash and Saturday is the pre-ride of the course. No, I'm not doing the race -- its 4 hours -- But I AM gonna pre ride the course with my budds for a change. Its been WAY too long! Not sure if Rick is going along -- but we both liked the length of one lap - nine miles - so maybe he'll come along. We can handle that (I think!). Here's the poop on the ride from the Michaux Mash website:

Monday, February 23, 2009

A very recent development:"Hello again,I have seen more than one question concerning what the course is like. Well, if you're curious, come out on Saturday [February 28th, 2009] and see what it is.We will meet and start from the boat launch parking lot off Milesburn Road at Long Pine Reservoir. Ride start time is 9:00 so please be ready to ride by 9:00. We will ride up Milesburn Road to Ridge Road to the actual race start and then ride one lap of the course as a group. After the first lap, if people want to, they can ride it again at their own pace. One lap is 9 miles. We will ride 2-3 miles to reach the course start.Please let us know if you plan to show up. We will only wait at the start for those that RSVP!The race proceeds go to help support the Cyclesports Fast Forward Developmental Mountain Bike Team.Do it for the kids!Brett and Donna"RSVP to

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Riding SS is so much better than belly dancing!! I AM ADDICTED!!! ;)