Sunday, February 1, 2009

It's Just Not the Same

A new leaf has been turned and I don't see the old one being revived at the moment -- the old leaf that used to try to race all the time and workout all the time. Over the past month, I tried to save it, but there was just no desire or interest knowing another leaf is awaiting. That old leaf has gotten shredded and discolored and was composted. The new leaf is still healthy, but in a different kind of way -- its not as enthused to workout 10-12 hours a week - to be race ready. 5-7 seems more like an acceptable, normal routine and THOSE workouts aren't necessarily race related... I read if you do an hour day of ANY kind of medium-heart-rate activity, you're doing pretty good so if I manage to get an hour's walk in at lunch, I'm a happy camper. A half hour bike at the gym followed by a half hour of weights and stretching, again I'm happy. The other part of the new leaf is the food part. A new realm of food and cooking has entered the household. Well, its actually an old realm but I never had time because of working out and racing all the time! The garden will be my workout zone most of the spring, summer, and fall. Yup... dirt under the nails rather than all over my body from a muddy bike race will be the beckoning call of the summer. I'll be spending a whole day in the kitchen canning corn rather than a day in the woods riding my bike for 6 hours. Yes, I truly don't feel the same... my body is changing and I can see the fitness leaving it every day, but I guess its something I'll get used to. After all, I lived 41 years with a lack of muscle tone! My how life changes.

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