Monday, February 16, 2009

Repairing a Broken Boat - My Genius Husband Fixing a Hole in an EZG Wavesport Kayak

My husband will never cease to amaze me. He fixed two holes in my kayak! Now these aren't just any holes and my husband isn't a slap a band-aid on it type of guy and be happy. The holes were at stress points in the boat and the plastic was thin -- so it had to be a fix that would endure stress. And my husband is anal. Which means the fix has to be BETTER than it was from the manufacturer. And I believe it is. Please take a look at his pictorial guide to fixing my boat. He has explanations to each picture and its really, really amazing at what he did. I tease him he should go in business and he's says he'd be too expensive and would take to long. Blue Mountain Outfitters wanted $50 to fix the same problem with Rick's boat (but Wavesport has since given him a replacement boat -- we couldn't do that with mine because we got it used). BMO charges $50 an hour. So that means they'd spend about an hour on it. Rick spent at least 4 hours on my boat, not counting the planning and thought contemplating the project. He's amazing. I must be one of the luckiest wives in the world.

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