Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Finally - Some Bike Inspiration

My buds, the Weisers, spent the weekend at a Singlespeed Punk Bike Enduro in Frederick Maryland and it looked like SO much fun - so much so my Dean was dusted off and my dear hubby will help me get it ready for the season. Everyone's been telling me to get a bigger cog, so I did. I've been running 32/17 since I bought the bike in 2006, but the "experts" (men!) have been telling me to go with a min of 32/20 on a niner. So that's what I ordered. I was complaining about the nuts and bolts on the wheels (no quick release), but I've since found out from Brett that that's not unusual to have nuts and bolts (although allen nuts are better -- did I say that right?) on a singlespeed with a horizontal drop out -- although you can use quick release on them too (he did for Donna's). Rick is giving me lessons on how to take the rear wheel off and put it back on and tighten the chain, so I think I'll just stick with the nuts. So I'm inspiried to ride again! Now all we need is some WARMTH. My old bones simply can't tolerate riding below 40 degrees. I believe that was the magical number my other female singlespeed hero said she draws the limit. Desiree McElhenny built her own Singlespeed. Her hubby, Matt, said she'd get mad at him if he tried to help her. Girls on bikes, no - girls on singlespeeds -- what inspirations!

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