Saturday, February 28, 2009

Crazy People Riding Mountain Bike in 28 Degrees

It was F____N COLD. My dear hubby was gonna take his kayak along since we were at a reservoir, but he decided low 30's just wasn't gonna be nice enough. He's SUCH a smart man -- little did we know it would be below freezing and the reservoir was frozen yet! I always thought it was about 10 degrees warmer 100 miles south of us - NOT. At least not in the deep woods of Michaux at Long Pine Reservoir. It was 28-29 when we started riding. Of course there's no way to go but UP in Michaux (I like Lykens -- no climbing if you don't feel like it!). So the first 2 miles or so was slow, gradual climbing which was fine 'cause it was COLD. Did I mention it was COLD? Then we went DOWN the same road we came up for 1/2 mile or so. It was COLD. Then we cut in some single track -- not that crap double single track the 4-wheelers use in the Michaux races. This was some sweet, not-well-known trail that was pleasant to ride. Tight, tight, tight. The SS was ok most of the ride... but Sheena and I ended up riding the road back at the last piece of climbing. I heard from Janice later that it was fairly steep and she didn't think the singlespeeders would be riding it. So I'm glad I cut back. But it was COLD riding back. And as we approached the reservoir, it got COLDER. I was never so happy to see my fleecy, warm clothes waiting for me. If only there was hot coffee there too -- note for memory bank -- take thermos of hot coffee next time. All in all, good ride for my piddly 2 hours, good company (there was about 20 folks, I knew about 7 of them -- Donna, Zach, Jim M and friend, Janice, Mike Funk, Sheena, Brett, and a gal I used to race against in Michaux, Sue Witter. I've only ever seen her in Michaux - I don't think she ever leaves there. My legs hurt. And thanks again Sheena for the adorable ornament! It's hanging proudly on my car mirror.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

i'm really glad you could make it...i'm sorry i didn't hang back with you guys sooner...i got caught in the melee up front! You are so glad you missed that climb up Canada hollow!! It was ride, walk, ride, walk and repeat!! once we got the the top the singletrack was SWEET! Thanks again for coming down from Weiser to Michaux!! D