Sunday, February 8, 2009

Rick's Obsession - Let's Buy Another Kayak

Just as I was obsessed for many years with biking and accumulated 6 bikes, my dear hubby is obsessed with kayaks and is now up to 4, maybe 5 kayaks. I say maybe because one of his boats is "broke". Yup, it got holes in it due to a manufacturing defect and he's working on a replacement. In the meantime, he simply couldn't bear the thought of being one boat less -- so off we went on a 100 mile (one way), two-hour and $17.50 gas cost drive to Delta PA (near the Maryland border) -- to Stark Moon Kayaks and Gear. I had to go simply to experience the place and write about it. The owner, Brad is a bit eccentric - as is the place. Don't get me wrong, Brad knows his boats -- and he's an exquisite boat story teller (Pyrhana boats comes to him when they want to design something new?), but the place is simply something to see. The store is at his house, complete with "a dozen or so" cats, he says. And the cats rule the roost -- they are in boats, on chairs/tables, in the gear store areas and of course his house. Some complain of the urine smell, but I noted yesterday Brad is trying to cover that up as he has smelly stuff sitting around in one of the gear areas. And boats? Well you have tons of choices... any imaginable whitewater boat you can possibly think of is there because he's one of the few places that takes a trade-in, so he's got used boats setting everywhere (that's what Rick went for). Outside, inside, standing up, hanging, covered up - they are everywhere. And Brad is quick to give folks a good deal -- which is why he's SO popular with the boating crowd, thus, our 200 mile $17.50 trip was worth it. He's a dealer for Pyrahna, so he has many new boats too. Rick ended up bringing home a Pyrahna Recoil - very similar to his broken boat, the Wavesport, EZG. He's happy.

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