Saturday, February 21, 2009

Little Known Funster About Chili

I'm not so sure hubby even knows this....

I took bellydancing lessons when I was 22. I thought if I rolled my stomach enough it would make it get flat and toned. (Ha!) I even bought the clacky dingy cymbal things for on your fingers, the beaded belt thingy to jingle while I wiggled, and some oo-la-la arabian music to bump and grind along with. Boy, that would go nicely today with one of those poles, huh? The local gal in Tower city that gave lessons was from the big city (I think NY), and there were actually about 1/2 dozen girls in the class learning to wiggle, roll your belly, and sway to the music. She had something all of us didn't though... a beaded, sparkly bra that she filled out rather well. Even today, there's a Wiggles of the West Belly Dancing contest in Las Vegas each year. I could just see some of you wiggling in this contest. We should all do it. :))) Oh, and if you need help designing your costume bra, Turbans, Tassles, and Tattoos in Australia gives you step by step instructions.

And where is this dingy, clacky, jiggly stuff today? I guess my ex-husband's wife (girlfriend at the time) is enjoying it. It sorta dissappeared during that divorce after she spent a week in the house. Hmmm.... Oh to look back and laugh now. Time DOES heal all wounds.

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