Monday, February 16, 2009

Another Weekend - another Roll Session

Seems the kayaks are getting more use than the bicycles of late -and its winter! Maybe its because my dear, dear hubby takes charge and loads all the gear and packs the boats for our weekend pool sessions. Maybe I'm just getting really lazy and don't feel like packing the bikes and driving somewhere to ride. Friday, or Saturday, or even Sunday or today were the perfect days to (finally) get the heck out and ride the mountain bike. And did I? No. Why? Exactly what I just said -- I didn't feel like packing the bikes and driving somewhere. I cooked and ate instead. Today I'm making pies. (not kidding!). Actually, I'm starting to enjoy the kayaking a little more now that the roll is better. Hubby got me a cool Girls At Play DVD for Valentines day and it sparked a little (just a little) enthusiasm. I went to the roll session with vim and vigor and the first missed attempt at a brace shot me down for about 10 minutes. But then the rolls starting coming back and it felt pretty good by the time we left. Rick and I both are looking forward to lots of practice this year in the river. And the bikes? Well, I guess they'll just have to wait a little longer. The trainer bike is getting a little use -- maybe two hours a week. So not all is lost!

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