Thursday, July 31, 2008

That Jello-ee, Blobby Feeling

It sure didn't take long -- just over 6 weeks -- and the mood swings have begun. You all know how a good workout makes you feel good all over and keeps the stress levels in check along with the outbursts of emotions. The past two weeks have been very low-level workouts and I'm paying for it. I'm grumpy at work and started complaining about things and started feeling stressed over workload which I typically just shrug my shoulders and say it'll get done when I can. Although I've been keeping my weight in check by cutting back on calories, I'm starting to look different -- jello-ee, pudgy, flabby are a few words that seem to fit. It sucks! Yes my friends, I've grown lazy now that I don't have the excel spreadsheet to see what workout I'm supposed to do today. And I knew that this would happen -- its just my nature. I NEED a plan to follow -- something written in stone that says I MUST workout today or else. Probably all it will take is a meltdown at work and I'll get back on track. My boss is SO in tune with me -- she can tell just by looking at me how I'm feeling and she'll say, "Jill, lets go for a walk at lunch - you'll feel better." She's awesome. (Although we haven't gotten out for that walk yet because of this little thing called WORK getting in the way!). Dang it. I'll get back on track -- soon I hope!

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