Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I love a Parade - NOT

So we decide to go for a bike ride -- this being my first road ride with a couple hills. Rick found a cool back road ride behind Klingerstown a couple years ago. Klingerstown is known for the Klingerstown carnival each year. We start out, and I as we approach the only road to get to Klingerstown through the gap in the mountain, I said "uh oh, it might be carnival night with the parade, maybe we should go another route." And Rick said " Jill, who did you say is calling the shots now that racing is over?" are Rick, so you pick the route. Off we go on the parade watching spectator-lined street to Klingerstown. Its about a mile of tons of people and we were on parade! Geez, if I would have known, I would have put my teeth in! The ride was good and we start to head back. Well, the local traffic guy in Klingerstown who is telling cars to take a detour, says to Rick "Where you going?" And Rick ignores him and goes straight on the road back home where the parade is about to run into us head on. By this time its packed with people everywhere. I swear everyone in the valley came out for this parade and started coming out at about 3:00in the afternoon. We get about 1/2 mile down the only road to get home and sure enough, we run into the parade head on. I get off and start walking along the side of the road where I can 'cause some of the paraders fill the entire road. What does Rick do? He keeps riding by the parade head-on! He didn't care -- screw them, I'm getting home. Didn't care if he scared the horses, didn't care if he road bike in front of the people watching the parade, didn't care if ran any kids over running to get the candy. I was certain he'd peck off an Amish kid or two that were at the parade to collect a year's worth of candy. It's good they had the whole family along to drag the candy home. Unreal. Finally, I make through to the end of the Parade and Rick's bitching at ME because he had to WAIT for 15 minutes for me! Ha...him... Mr. Rude and I don't care bitching at me for being courteous and polite! It was definietly an interesting evening. Yes, the ride was good and I powered up on a couple hills, getting the heart rate up with no head issues. We were out for about 1.5 hrs. I'm hoping to ride some easy trail this weekend in Weiser again. I miss riding now that I can do it again!

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