Tuesday, July 1, 2008

How's Chili Recovering?

That's the big question these days... "Hi Jill, how are you feeling?" Well maybe I'd be just fine if everyone didn't keep asking! No, I'm kidding...I appreciate the concern folks have -- what a thoughtful gesture. People really are nice, aren't they (for the most part). At home, I'm feeling pretty darn good -- I'd say about 80% back to normal routine things -- cleaning, washing clothes, gardening. Some of the weeds are a little difficult to pull now that they've reached tree size, but I'll attack them with a shovel. I'm still not doing "anything strenuous" That will come in the other 20% toward "homework" recovery. At work, I feel about 70% just because I'm so bogged down with work (doing two jobs at the moment) and I purposely am not doing things that require time, comprehension, and thinking too much. I've noticed ever so slight memory issues -- but they could be normal memory issues. At least that's what my boss keeps telling me. I love her...she's about as thoughtful as they come and she is SO concerned with my healing process. she used to be a nurse, so she's well aware of many types of injuries - including brain bleeds. Now, the big one -- the important one -- working out, a.k.a., riding, running, swimming, and kayaking. I'm about 70% there too because of the "no strenuous activity until 7-14-08" I kayaked last Saturday for about 1.5 hrs and felt a little uneasy/unbalanced in the water. So I stayed in easy flow. My strength seems to still be there, but I didn't do any attaining either. I started lifting weights again to help gain what little bit of strength back I may have lost in my upper body. Wed evening is an attainment experiment with kayaking. We're going into the Dauphin Narrows, so that will be interesting. Yes I feel up to it. Kayaking, hiking, and weight lifting (very light) are the only activities I feel comfortable doing that will not be "strenuous". I'm going to try the bike on Friday on fire road...but I really have to watch the hills and not get my heart rate up too much. I may walk the hills. Hiking is good... I can handle about a 2 hr hike and it feels good. I'm tired, but a nap takes care of that! July 12 and 13 is a trip to the Xterra in Rocky Gap Maryland (gotta get my $75 tee-shirt!) and that'll be the first weekend I can do it all again and I fully intend too. A nice swim Lake Habeeb, a nice, short, ez trail run and of course riding ez with hubby. Oh, and we're taking the kayaks so we'll be in them also. All ez -- cause that's how my hubby likes it! I think my days of crazy fast stuff is over. I'm sticking to no racing. I might do some fast running just cause it keeps my girly figure, but no fast bike riding, and no intervals in the pool either. Just ez gliding. Can't wait! I'll be an official spectator at the FARM this weekend -- it'll be nice to see everyone for a change! Oh, and the bills started rolling in. Rick said I'll have to keep tab of what that Richmond trip REALLY cost... it'll be a lifetime of race entry fees at a minimum, that's for sure.

And the worse part of recovery -- false teeth! I hate them. I'd rather go with the hole in the mouth, but its certainly not something folks want to look at so I have to wear them. My implant process doesn't start until July 17 and I'll get the details then. That's too late in my book. The sooner these fake things are gone, the better.

So overall, I'm feeling good... glad to be doing things again, however minor they are.


DailySAHM said...

I'll probably see you at Marysville this weekend. Not sure when, but sometime on Saturday I hope.

Chili said...

Cool! I'm planning to be there between 2:00ish and 7:00ish during the Expert race and the awards ceremony.