Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Recovery from Bike CRASH - one month later

Saturday will be the one month marker since my little trip to the Richmond Virginia Hospital due to my misjudging of a jump and going about 10 feet in the air and landing on my face with the bike on top of me. For one month, I was given the orders -- "no strenuous activity." These orders were because of the minor brain bleed, which, by the way is healing nicely (no mental issues -- yet!). So what happens in one month of laying off? And when I mean laying off, I'm talking about going from fairly active (8-12 training hours a week getting the heart rate up into zones 3-4-5 for about 4 of those hours, etc. you know how training is) to not active at all. First two weeks were sleeping and walking to the bathroom; 2nd two weeks were a max of a 2 mile walk and very ez bike ride of 8 miles on mostly flat terrain. Aboslutely no heart rate raising in the past month. Today? I feel like I'm starting to workout all over again. When I walked that 2 mile walk? I was SO tired the following day I could barely work. I was thinking of calling off sick! And the walk was SLOOOWWWW - it took me 35 minutes to go 2 miles. The bike ride was the same way -- it wiped me out the next day. What I learned in training will work nicely for my continued recovery and getting back to "normal" (although this may be normal now!). I'll workout one day, and rest the next... and I'll continue to add a tiny bit more each time I go and I'll continue to add a little bit of walking or whatever I decide to do on recovery days until someday I'll feel "normal" again. Its really strange to go from a training day of Zone 5 HR for 4-5 minutes 3 times, to looking forward to just getting out for a 2 mile walk! Very odd, but I'm adapting to it and know its a necessary must. I SO look forward to paddling with Rick and frineds now. Paddling feels real good -- its not strenuous (for the most part) and I go for about 2 hours. Paddling may become my favored sport now. Just riding the roller coaster of life. Fun stuff.


Brett said...

2 miles in 35 minutes is slow? that's almost 4 mph. that's cruisin' for "walking". most hiking averages are gauged at 2 mph. i think you need to slow down some more.... :-)

btw--don't feel bad, i'm done racing, too. at least for the rest of this year. maybe longer.

SueAnne said...

I am right behind you...I think slowing down is a good thing. We get caught up with the fast pace and sometimes we need to literally, stop and smell the roses. I am sure your garden loves to have you back!