Sunday, July 20, 2008

Performance Based Fitness

Rather than continue fretting and frowning over losing fitness since I no longer train and race, I decided to do a little research on performance based fitness and general fitness to answer the questions: What's the difference? Which is better? and What is best for the ultimate in fitness since I don't really "perform"? Turns out, we are all performers whether we race or not! Ha! Even beer drinking - teehee. ANY sport you do, is performance based fitness -- even golf has a training program if you do that sport. General fitness is for the typical individual -- the one that really doesn't have a sport they focus on. They go to the gym a couple days a week and maybe walk a couple times a week. They are in shape too, but not like a cyclist or triathlete. Those of you that are reading this, we have a sport - maybe a couple - so we have performance based fitness. And I don't plan on taking up walking anytime soon, so I guess my fitness is performance based too. One of the links above had an interesting article on detraining and deconditioning after an injury and I found the below helpful:

Tips for Maintaining Fitness through Breaks

If you need to take time off from training the following tips can help you maintain your fitness.
Don't quit completely. Try to exercise at least once per week.
Cross Train through injuries.
Use the Body Weight Workout (no equipment needed) when you travel.
Use Circuit Training Routines for fast, high intensity exercise two or three times a week.
Practice Efficient Strength Training methods.
Use Fast Workouts to Maintain Fitness with Limited Time.
Refresh You Motivation and Goal-Setting Skills and energize your workouts
Remeber that Rest and Recovery can be as Important as Training, so use this time to recovery.
Add 30-Second Sprints to your outine for fast itness
Short, high intensity exercise burns more calories if you are limited on time

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