Saturday, July 5, 2008

Slower Than a Turtle's Pace?

How does one define "a turtle's pace?" A relative term that packs a punch. I used to think how some folks rode slow... at a turtle's pace. My first experience at riding in social groups at the ripe old age of 41 was at a turtle's pace -- always bringing up the rear. When I started racing (so I didn't have to be the turtle!), the turtle's pace wasn't as turtly in the social group rides, but my racing started to be "at a turtle's pace" comparing myself to the other women racers. I always thought my dear hubby rode at a turtle's pace. Turns out, he relates to turtles and the pace they keep -- easy going, non-stressed, safe!? I can learn a thing or two from my turtly hubby. The RCST Firecracker ride was my first time back in the saddle since my crash on June 14th. I knew I'd be slow, but MY turtle's pace is just about exactly like the turtle we saw on the trail. I had NO idea I'd feel the way I did getting back on the bike. Ricky Brown and Dave Reed were dusting me and had to wait on me on the climbs! I even walked over two rock going around a gate! Holy hell how pathetic is that! It took me 1.5 hours to go 8 miles. And those 8 miles were on snowmobile trail and fireroad, and there was only one, 1-mile climb that rose about 300 ft in that mile. I have to say I still feel lucky I could get on the bike -- I just didn't expect to feel that way. As soon as my heart rate started pounding a little, I started feeling lightheaded and slightly dizzy. At one point, my head started hurting. Oh...that's right, that's a normal feeling on the bike when climbing!? Rick said, I'm lightheaded too honey -- that's how it is all the time. Ha! He's SO adorable. As soon as I'd slow down and get my heart rate back down, I felt "normal." So the ride was at "a turtle's pace." But we were all ok with that. My mindset is already out of racing/training mode and I'm really looking forward to more riding with Rick. We're even planning a rail trail ride! For years we talked about the rail trail along Pine Creek from Waterville up to who-knows-where in northern PA and how we think that would be a beautiful ride (anywhere we ride must have water so we can dream of kayaking while riding!) But me, always in training mode, always thought how woosie a ride that would be and we never went. ain't woosie anymore and we're gonna make a day trip later this summer! I'm ready. And I don't care if its a "turtle's pace" ride. Those turtles are a lot of fun to watch.

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