Sunday, December 30, 2007

Weekend Swim Clinic - The Cheap way

While some of my cycling buds were sweating their butts off in the weekly indoor sweat sessions, my weekend training consisted of a swim clinic – the you-want-to-retire-style clinic (a.k.a, save your money!). I’m calling it my Ricky Brown Race Sponsorship program Swim Clinic. I’ve been checking out swim clinics to hone in on my faults that need corrected ‘cause most of the clinics videotape you, critique you, and then send you home to practice. But the downside of all the clinics are 1) there are none close-by…they are all either in Philadelphia or out of state; 2) they ain’t cheap -- $140 was the cheapest for 4 hours, and that one was in Cape Cod but it was an Xterra Pro giving the clinic so it would have been worth the trip; and 3) since they are out of town, extra costs like gas, hotel, food, really run up the tab. So this morning I remembered Ricky Brown has a waterproof camera and it has a video, but he never tried the video underwater. Well…it worked! So my Race Sponsor videotaped me, took several underwater snap shots, and came home and picked apart my problems. Being the anal, detailed type of guy he is, and remembering the Total Immersion Swim tapes we had a couple years back, he picked up immediately on my problems. Coach/Sponsor Rick is a Godsend. He just saved me another $200+! What a sponsor. Day three of the clinic is tomorrow. My shoulders and arms are about to fall off so tomorrow will be a welcome finish to a weekend of much-needed swim practice.

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