Wednesday, December 26, 2007

2008 Season Taking Shape

The schedule is starting to take some shape for 2008. Now that I’ve nailed down my “focus” as multi-sport again, my training will also reflect swim/bike/run/paddle, thus, throwing extra-long saddle time out the window along with the 50 milers, and yes as much as I wanted to do it again, the Ironcross will not happen either. I feel a sense of relief knowing I’ll have a little extra time to paddle with Ricky this year and not have to ride, ride, and ride. Its also good to know that I'm competing against my own this year -- same age, similar skill level. No kids or pros in the mix I race against in Xterra -- just old and cheesy, just like me! So here’s the schedule so far:

March 1 – Humdinger 7-mile Trail Run – Danville
April 1 – Red Mo Down River Kayak Race (observer)
April 27 – Savage Adventure Race
May 18 – Xterra King of the Hill, New Jersey
May 31 – Tour de Cure Metric Century (with Ricky!)
June 15 – Xterra East Regional Championship, Richmond VA
June 29 – Xterra Trimax - RB Winter State Park
July 13 – Xterra Rocky Gap MD
August 3 – Xterra Appalachia (Indiana) (?)
August 17 - Covered Bridge Metric Century (with Ricky!)
Sept 13 – BASH
Sept 21 – Cap City Adventure Race
October 7 – Wyalusing Triathlon (?)
October 19 – Chili Challenge (?)
November 16 – Horrible 100, Florida

When racing for Xterra series points with a goal of being the regional champ in mind, a championship race has to be in the mix because it offers that extra 25 points needed to reach the max of 250. For the East coast, that's the Richmond Virginia race. In 2005, I had the joys of winning that race, thus snagging the regional age group champ and it was a darn good feeling. The down-side of the Richmond race is a friggin RIVER SWIM. But getting past that, the bike and run make up for it tenfold. They have an incredible twisty, fun, no-climbing bike course on "Belle Island" in the middle of the James River in Richmond. And the run acutally takes you out in the river onto rocks, complete with a little rock "climbing" at a spot or two. Maybe Ricky can do a little WW kayaking in the James while I race...they have a kayak rodeo that same weekend as the race, so he can be entertained while we are there. Fun stuff.


DailySAHM said...

No IC?! I was actually considering doing it again because you said you were doing it.

On a different topic, I have your canning jar, plastic plate, and tupperware container to return to you.

Chili said...

No, time-wise, its impossible to train in multi-sport AND also for marathon bike races. I'll really need to spend some time in running and swimming if I wanna shoot for that regional age-group champ. You should still do the IC!! Don't you have that wonderful sense of accomplishment knowing you did it?! This year, you'll finish upper in the upper part of the bunch! Positive vibes work! Would Chris mind dragging the dishes to his work to give to Rick? I think that would be easiest. Thx! see ya soon. jw