Friday, December 21, 2007

Ovo Vege - Harder than I thought

After deciding to attempt (note....attempt. Its rougher this time around for some crazy reason!) to go back to the world of saving our enviornment and animals from death by doing my small part and NOT eating their meat, I'm finding it a challenge to give up the dairy part of it. I LUV cheese. I LUV yogurt, but I can live with soy yogurt and actually can do without cheese (except at holidays with CREAM CHEESE everything!) It's become a daily ritual to figure out the best foods to eat with calcium and iron to assure I'm getting enough of it (A bowl of Total (I wish they'd make it organic!) with soy milk and a glass of Calcium-enriched OJ hits the RDA for the entire day!). But the biggest, most-missed dairy need is cream in my java. Coffee just ain't coffee without being spiked with milk. And the even sadder part is my favorite kind of milk spike for the java is organic, raw milk with the cream in it yet! Talk about saturated animal fat. Soy milk doesn't cut it and non-dairy creamers are laced with chemicals and bad processing plus they taste bad. A seasoned coffee drinker would say you must drink it black and I'm trying that too, but its hard. Part of me wants to keep the dairy 'cause part of me keeps saying the cow ain't dying for production of milk; but in essence it is. A cow must stay pregnant in order to produce milk, thus the baby cows are born and if I knew the baby was raised to continue production of milk and doesn't meet its death in a veal factory, I'd drink dairy. But until that glorious day I can find a farm that doesn't sell off calves for veal, I'll keep trying the non-dairy life. Maybe I should give up coffee. Hmmm...

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