Wednesday, December 5, 2007


I guess this is what makes me and Rick so compatible...what's that saying - that opposites attract? After about two years of nagging, begging, pleading, complaining, ridiculing and just plain telling him he looks awful, Mr. Brown finally got new shoes and clothes. What you see are his retired WORK clothes. In an office work clothes! Geez...the hems in the pants were all frayed out, the seams down the front were just about wore through. And the shoes!? There were holes in the front, sides AND heels. The soles were smooth, yet he claimed they were the best gripping shoes he had. So we went to the local shoe store and got the new treads. Mr. Brown was quite observant while in the shoe store...the owner was more than helpful to Rick; but didn't ask any one of the 3 women (not including me) if THEY wanted help. The Amish, I hear, do not respect women much. That little shopping trip fell true to that rumor. And the duds were purchased while on vacation while we actually had some down time to shop. He didn't like the trip much... isn't into that matching thing, so we (well, mostly me) were careful to pick 5 pairs of pants with 5 shirts that all matched no matter how you sorted them. I was rather proud of myself for accomplishing that little task, I must say. So the new work clothes came home from Florida and are now heading to work each day in Harrisburg. This will likely be the last work clothing purchase for Mr. Brown before the real deal retirement in March of 2011. I guess this batch will truly be shredded by then. Hey...maybe I should save these -- they may be in better shape come 3 years from now! Hmmmm.

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