Wednesday, December 5, 2007

2008 Tentative Schedule - Pending final schedule/costs

It's tentative and will change. Costs are gonna be a HUGE factor next year as all the promoters start raising prices. I have some difficulty plunking down $70 bucks for a mountain bike race especially if proceeds go to a promoter and not a charity. So I'm just not sure yet about some of these. One thing is a definite -- no XC Mid Atlantic Super Series races for many reasons -- mostly I'm just too old and slow to compete with pros and kids. If they would break out the 35+ women, or throw the pros in an Elite category, maybe; just maybe I'd think about it. But until that glorious day, no MASS XC for this old, flabby cheesy butt.

These folks hold some good races and they are CHEAP! So I may do more of their races next year:

March - Humdinger Trail Run - 7.1 miles in Danville
April - Savage Adventure Race - Marsh Creek State Park, PA
May - 75 Mile road bike race in Montour County - Tour de Montour
May(?) - 50 mile RB Winter Mountain Bike Race (need to see what the cost will be...the 75 mile road bike race is only $30 buck!)
June - tour de Cure road bike metric century (ricky's doin it with me!)
June - 50 mile STOOPID 50 in State college (need to see what it'll cost)
July - Maybe the Wilderness 101???
August - covered Bridge metric Century (Ricky's doing it too!)
Sept - Capital City Adventure Race
October - IRONCROSS. Missed it too much last year.
October - Chili Challenge Adventure Race - Danville.
November - Horrisble 100, florida

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