Monday, December 17, 2007

The Show Must Go On

4:30 am, Sunday - Sleet, hail, snow, slush, wind. Yuk. The lights flicker, go off, come back on, and go off again. Call PPL's emergency line to report...wait about an hour and call back to check status. 11:00 tonight 'til power is restored! Holy crap. Daylight - get Rick up, start the kerosene heater. Ahhhh, just like sitting around the campfire - very cool. again to check status. Uh oh - "we are experiencing very high call volume, please check back later." Ok - checked back later, "We anticipate restoring power to your area by 6:00 Monday evening." WHAT!? In the meantime, Rick's gathering ice to melt for flushing toilets and I'm figuring out how to get my training ride in. I just installed my new portable DVD/TV in the training "room" (a.k.a. cellar), and got my 3-hr spinerval CD ready to rock and roll and now I can't! So Rick decides he's going to the local YMCA whom still has power, and I decide the show must go on -- electricity or not. The camping headlamp comes out fitting nicely over the headphones playing Tiesto rather loudly and off to the training room I go. Power? The only power I need is the power it takes to spin the pedals. The trainer is electric-free, as is the battery operated lights on my head and sound in my ears. At one point during an exceptional good beat song, the headlamp went off and it was me, the bike, music and darkness, at high intensity. Very different...a unique experience. Who needs power...the electric kind I mean. PPL thought we needed more power (at least more than what I was outputting on the bike!) and showed up Monday around 10:30 and got us back up and running by noonish. Fun weekend!

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