Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Mr. Brown

Today is Ricky Brown's Birthday. Here he is in HIS sport of choice.

As much as we love OUR sports, Mr. Brown's passion is whitewater kayaking. He has videos, links, books, and ALL the gear for any condition. He watches rain gauges and posts on message boards. His multiple boats are starting to push the cars out of the garage, and he near crashes the car every night on the way home stretching his neck checking out the Dauphin Narrows. All summer I torture him with my racing...he's SO supportive; yet I know in his heart he'd rather be kayaking. I even went as far as to say I'd race less in 2008 so we could kayak more. But I've been known to change my mind (sorry honey, but I'll try to cut some races, or only race where you can kayak too?) In just another short month, we hit the indoor, heated pool of CV to start our winter practice at rolling. Its something he waits for each winter like kids waiting for Santa. And its heartwarming to watch Ricky at these sessions 'cause if he sees folks struggling, he'll jump in and share his video-education on rolling and show folks the correct form and style to get a good roll. He's incredible. Last year he helped this father/son team that was having a tough time. The kid wasn't getting it, and getting that teenager anger, I-hate-you attitude with his dad. His dad was trying SO hard to have patience and tell him what to do, but it was going no where fast. So Rick, in his quiet, helpful way, stepped in and made a few suggestions. By the end of the session, the kid was happier, smiling, and rolling! Needless to say his dad was pretty darn thankful too. This is one example of who the Mr. Brown really is. He's a dear, and the absolute best hubby in the world ( could use some lessons on putting the dishes IN the dishwasher, no on top). I thank my lucky stars every day. You're the best Ricky Brown! Happy Birthday.

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