Thursday, May 7, 2009

On the Recovery List - AGAIN

I'm really tired of it, but its my own fault and I gotta suck it up and get through it. Phase 3 just occurred with the replacement of the teeth that got knocked out in that fateful bike accident last year. I thought maybe Phase 2 was the last of major "surgery", but I was wrong. I'm getting dental implants and Phase 1 was the extraction of the remaining roots along bone grafting - that happened last August. Phase 2 was the implant of the titanium posts that would eventually hold the crown, and I had some gum tissue added at that time also. That happened March 17. Well, Monday's check-up resulted in phase 3 which is a SECOND addition of gum tissue 'cause the first wasn't quite enough. The Doc warned me this might be occurring. He removed some tissue from the inside roof of my mouth and grafted it on the front above the implants. Yes it hurts. Yes I'm on pain pills. Yes, I'm sleeping a lot. Yes, I can't go to the Lehigh now (chance of bacteria getting in the wounds), yes I'm sick of laying around and yes, I'm antsy and want to get on the bike and in the backyard weeding/planting. My boss used to be a nurse, and it was HER who told me to stay home and rest -- the grafting really needs some time to grow and the best way to do that is lying down and resting. Damn it - doesn't she know I can't lay still very long? Oh well....back under the covers. I sure hope I can get out on the bike this weekend. Ricky said he'd ride with me on Sunday (maybe -- he's now talking about kayaking both Saturday AND Sunday that dirty rotten scoundrel). Drat.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

POOEY!!! i'm sorry...:(