Monday, May 25, 2009

Paddlin' and Pedalin' for the Holiday Weekend

I love my hubby -- so much so I'll kayak with him when the poor little boy can't find anyone else to play with -- even when the week of vacation was SO jammed packed with things-to-do that today (Memorial Day) was to be a total R&R vegetation day. I had planned to sit on my arse the entire day and do absolutely nothing. But.... plans are made to be changed and we're heading to the Dauphin Narrows for a little attaining, surfing, and eddy practice. We were just kayaking on Saturday on the Lehigh River, and in the Susquehanna on Friday; but hubby, like me with biking, can't get enough of the sport he loves. Can you blame him?

My big accomplishment for the weekend though, would have to be the RCST Memorial Weekend Ride. We hold this event every year, and the turnout varies. This year was a group of 9, and no one really wanted to do the whole Rattling creek loop with me, but one kind soul trudged along with me 'cause he didn't want me to have to do it on my own. He was glad he did. And the accomplishment? It was on my singlespeed - the entire 20.5 miles. I know that doesn't sound like much to many of you, but for me, its huge. 20.5 miles of rocky terrain, on one gear, on a hard-tail is definitely a fitness builder for aging bones. I was tickled pink to finish the loop, and I actually feel pretty good today (rather than dead tired). I'm still debating on the Stoopid 50 in 3 weeks -- many say the trails are awesome and not near as hard as Michaux or Rattling Creek. That 50 miles of mountain trails intimidates me a little, as does the cost. Do I really want to PAY $70 bucks to ride? Can't I just go in the woods and ride for free for 50 miles? It's SO nice having folks to ride with; thus the reason for doing the Stoopid! AND they have an old gals category. Just not sure.

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The Wiser Weiser said...

DO IT!!! ;) Boy, i wish i had as good a ride as you did yesterday!! i'm jealous! woo hoo!

haha my work verification is "restor" that's what i'm gonna do an my arse all day!!