Thursday, May 14, 2009

Waz Up?!

FINALLY!!! A vacation is here in less than 2 days. An entire 10 days of no commuting to the 'burg to deal with politics. I SO need a break with the budget crap going on right now. (The state Senate Republicans passed their version of the budget disputing much of Governor Rendell's budget and my little part has been pulling together documention to say how great our programs really are that the Senate wants to eliminate... it's exhausting!). It's not an R&R vaca though...all but Memorial Day itself is jammed packed with lots to do:

Sat and Sun -- Binghamton NY to see my nephew graduate from college. Would you believe he's getting a degree in "Equine Business Managment?" Yup, he found out how to get a degree for pitching horse shit. Lucky Dog. Actually, he's graduating and heading to Maryland to be a trainer for standardbred horses. That brat.
Mon - Nice, long, ez 5 hr ride in Weiser State Forest.
Tues- Dr appointment in Camp Hill - maybe a paddle with Ricky if the weather holds out.
Wed - GARDEN! Seed planting time. PM RIDE - Are they riding at the farm this week??
Thur - GARDEN! More seed planting and herb garden organizing/planting/weeding (fennel, basil, dill, coriander, etc.). My mom has some bush-trimming on the agenda too.
Fri - RIDE! Maybe a little climbing. Local Farmers Market - flowers!
Sun - RCST Memorial Day RIDE
Monday - R.E.S.T.

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