Friday, May 29, 2009

Let Your Legislators Know NOT To Close State parks

Here's the link to find out who your state legislators are (put your zip code in upper right hand corner). Please e-mail them and let them know how much you love the state parks and they should NOT be closed.


Zach said...

Hey Chilli Jilli,
Actually I'm lookin for some run down almost garbage "I'd pitch this but I'll give it to ya for a few smackers" kinda pieces of gear. Paddle. Vest. Helmet. I think sam has a skirt for me.....extra large skirt. I ended up finally getting a wave cruise control, very entry. Have fun tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Zach said...

Yeppers! I'm kinda in carlisle, mostly in philly though. You could definitly leave it with b and d. I'll be at big bear ripping out support for everyone thats a possibility.