Thursday, May 28, 2009

Biking and Kayaking PA State Parks on the Hit List to Close

PA State Government is struggling from the slumping economy just like business and people losing their jobs. So much so the Senate Republicans proposed a budget that would close 35-40 of the state's 117 state parks (as a comparison, the Governor's budget did NOT propose to close a single park - but his budget was $2 billion more than the Senate Republican budget). Here's the story on all the parks on the hit list. Close to home for my hubby, me, and my mountain biking friends who enjoy some of the state park trails, are the following:

Ralph Stover (Tohickin Creek Dam release for WW kayaking in spring and fall)
Ole Bull
RB Winter

Saved are Pine Grove Furnace, Caledonia, and the Lehigh River Gorge (WW kayaking). But if this would really happen, Pine Grove Furnace, Caledonia and all the other 60 or so that stay open would likely get really, really full. How sad this is.

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DailySAHM said...

A friend works for DCNR and was telling me about this a few weeks ago. What a bummer - for both the people using the parks and the employees who will be laid off. I thought Boyd Big Tree would be on the hit list, but I didn't see it on there. That's close for us and it's an easy walk for Gwen down to the pond.