Monday, May 4, 2009

Pics from Michaux Maximus and Some More Reporting

Mud, slime, pools of muck, creek crossings, mudpit crossing, sliding corners, slickery boulders - you name it, it was there. Michaux dishes it out and we were stupid enough to take it. I DNF after ten miles and near got hypothermia, Donna toughed it out for 8.5 hours only to be told she can't go any further (bastards) and THEN rode bake Bendersville road to rub it in a little after they asked - does she want a ride? huh!? Are you guys nuts?! And Brett -- he whooped up on Mr. McMillar on his own 40-mile course - a very nice finish to a hell-of-a-day. I heard other experienced elite racers were walking many sections. The general comment was, "it sucked." Brett didn't think so though! Here's a couple shots from the race -- certainly not Uncle Don quality (Rick knows it!), but pics nontheless.

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