Saturday, June 21, 2008

Counting my Lucky Stars

Geez...sometimes we shouldn't read too much. It's scary stuff! I'm reading up on brain injuries/bleeds and I'm discovering I'm a very, very lucky girl after my head trauma/crash in Richmond. I'm not experiencing many of the symptoms of serious brain bleeds like loss of memory, dizziness, anxiety, etc. My bleed was "small", so recovery should be normal...but time will tell. That's that part of brain bleeds that is uncertain -- it takes as much as 6 months to a year to fully recovery and its uncertain what one will encounter along the way. The one thing I did notice was my inability to proofread properly or speak intelligently (can't recall big words) so please excuse the errors! (I had trouble with this prior to the accident - its worse now!) I could also sleep at any moment -- even while talking to people, and my head hurts almost all the time. I'm not one for sitting still, so that's something new to deal with too. I tried to stretch yeststerday, but I realized I can't lower my head for any reason - instant pain. I may try to get on the trainer and ride real easy. Here's the pic the day of accident - Rick is never without a camera. Thank you all for your well wishes and prayers - they are working. I'm bummed I can't workout for a couple more days or maybe even weeks, but I guess that was meant to be. So I'll think about my routine after I can start again. Of all things, I miss swimming the most! Running second, and biking 3rd. I may start weight lifting again too since I won't be following any training plans. I'm pre-registered for the Trimax Xterra next week and also Rocky Gap July 13, but hope to pass those registrations onto a friend if they'll let me. I'm still going to Rocky Gap to enjoy the weekend and cheer on my buds. That's a beautiful place even if I'm not racing. Later kids...enjoy your workouts!

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