Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Richmond didn't go too well. Stupid me was on a training ride on Saturday and I hit a mound of dirt going about 20 mph and it catapulted me in the air about 10 feet like a rocket. When I was mid-air, I said to myself, "this ain't good." Having no Motocross or downhill experience, I didn't know how to land or position myself, so all I remember after that is waking up in the ambulance. Looking at the divets in my helmet and the way my face looks (missing two front teeth), I landed on my face which resulted in an intercranial bleed which isn't very pleasant and puts a damper on things (dizzy -- aren't I normally dzzy? well I'm more dizzy now). I spent a day in ICU in the VCU hospital, and 3 days in a regular room. I have tons of cuts and scrapes (my face looks the worst) and my hand was in a cast because they said that was broken, but they took that off before I left. I have the best husband in the world for putting up with my shegnangans, and the best boss for dealing with me and the best friends for caring about me. I'll be out of comission for a couple weeks. I even told rick "I promise I'll never race again" after worrying him to death. He'd like to hold me to that (and I may hold myself to that!) I don't feel on earth at the moment so let me get back to my fantasy world. Oh, and one of my cats died while I was away. poo. I'll post when I feel up to it.

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