Thursday, June 5, 2008

Racing with the Xterra Pros

Part of the excitement of Xterra is standing on the start line mixed in with Pros. Well, maybe not THAT close, but they are right there at the start with little ole farm girl, me, from Central PA, plugging along with a half-assed swim stroke. The Pros are SO friendly, likeable, and talkable, and helpful. I've only encountered 1 pro that seemed disinterested in anything but standing on the podium and smiling (sorry Barb Lindquist, but you really didn't seem too friendly). Barb only ever did one Xterra, and it was just to try it. All the others will answer any question you may have and are just as friendly as can be. So when the race preview articles come out about upcoming races and who's going to be there, its like reading an article about an old friend. Rick especially liked Conrad Stoltz and Emeko Llanos (did I spell his name right?) in Tahoe. He photographed them while they were being filmed for the Tahoe Nationals in 2005. Emeko especially was very polite, considerate and friendly. All good folks - family! So here's the the link to the latest news article on the Alabama Championship on Sunday.

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