Thursday, October 2, 2008

My Summer on the Lehigh River

Every other weekend, since about mid-July, my hubby, me, and sometimes some of our paddling friends - Wayne Davis, Barb Sears, Jenn and Judd Kulas, Donna Mummert, Sam Mummert, Tim Garland, Tony Labato, Dave Geisey,and some of THEIR friends would make the trek to White Haven and paddle the 7 mile stretch of the Lehigh River from White Haven to Rockport. It was always a release weekend of about 750cfs. 750 actually is mild... the river is barely 1 ft at some spots, but there are some holes too. The 750 cfs would make it roughly whitewater class 2-3, leaning more towards the 2 at most spots. This was RICK'S sport of choice, and after my bike crash and being laid up for a month, I told him HE can call the shots for the rest of the summer and this is what he chose. But I enjoyed it too. We always take a "lunch" break (usually a CLIF bar), and we usually stop to surf some good waves. Well, Rick and friends would surf, I watched. It would take about 3-4 hours to do that stretch, and it was a decent workout for a Saturday afternoon. It doesn't help the bike legs, but who cares at this point! I paddle a Wavesport Diesel river running boat, and Rick paddles a Wavesport EZG60 - more of a playboat that maneuvers well around rocks.

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