Wednesday, October 8, 2008

What's a Team?

Interesting question raised by Sheena the ponderer - stop being so intellectual! My last post proudly proclaimed Mr. Brown is ok with me racing on a "team." And that begs the question, what is Mr. Brown's definition of a Team? To be more specific, Mr. Brown's term of "team" is like a team of beach volleyball players -- always side-by-side and moving in tandem to win the match. One looks out for the other and they watch each other's moves all the time. No, a relay team won't qualify -- its too individual. AND, the many mountain bike teams I've been on over the years also do not qualify -- again too individual. So forget the 24 hour or 12 hour mountain bike venues. What he liked about the "team" concept as in adventure racing (team mates must always stay within a certain distance of each other) is someone is there to catch me when I fall 'cause we all know how I get a little tipsy now and then. Does that answer your question Sheena?!

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