Friday, October 3, 2008

Next Season Already?

Yup....its on my mind already. Maybe its because I didn't get enuf racing in this year... maybe its because I'm having severe racing withdrawal... maybe its because I'm already getting way too fat and need to think about doing something about it... or maybe its because I have THE most WONDERFUL husband in the world who told me he's ok with the idea of me RACING ON TEAMS next year! Only the easy stuff though, and only if I don't go and get training crazy on him (i.e., no plans, no coaches, no heart rate monitors, no schedules to follow and mostly no getting nutty when I can't get out and run or ride) and only if its with a team. The Savage and Cap City are already on the list. Now lets see.... how do we juggle managing an organic backyard that's gonna be quadruple its size next year AND fit in some training.. oops... I'm not supposed to be getting crazy about it. ha!

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The Wiser Weiser said...

Yay!! No crazy stuff---me too!! ;) Welcome back...knew you'd be back!! D:)