Saturday, October 11, 2008

If the Season Would Have Went as Planned....

If everything would have went as planned when I started training for Xterras this season, you'd be reading about my trip to Lake Tahoe. Last weekend was the National Xterra Competition in Lake Tahoe. In 2005, I was pulled from the water after not being able to finish the swim portion in turbulent Tahoe waters. I thought I'd try to go back this year until that fateful day at the Richmond Xterra Championship. Drat. Four of my racing Xterra friends qualified this year -- Christina Bohensky, Sheena Perry, Sue Anne Clarke, and Sarah Lichtenwalner -- but none went. Maybe next year girls so I can read about you all? One other Xterra female racer from the Philadelphia area, Val Hardin, was on the start list, but I didn't see her name in the results. So I couldn't even read about her (she usually wins -- incredible athlete). The race this year was all about Cancer-stricken Xterra Pro Jamie Whitmore and it seems everyone was racing for her. Read all about it on her blog - its moving.

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