Thursday, October 23, 2008

Biggest Loser - for Kids

And its at the local Elizabethville YMCA! Well not really, but they could start filming there if they wanted to get a good show going! Hubby and I are back into the Tuesday/Thursday routine of stopping at the YMCA on our way home from work. We arrive around 4:45 and start our workouts shortly thereafter. Somewhere around 5:00, the gym fills up with a group of about 10 or 12 nine to twelve-year old kids. They laugh, giggle, scream, kick, holler, jump, push, fight and generally act like kids -- taking over the equipment for a good portion of the time Rick and I are trying to workout. I keep waiting for one of them to fall flat on their faces on the treadmill as they speed it up more and more and more to see how fast they can make it go. Keep in mind, the Elizabethville YMCA workout room is about the size of a large bathroom - its close quarters (construction is underway to triple the size of the workout area). Even noise-blocking headphones don't drown out this mayhem. At first, we were both fairly irritated, but now that we've gotten used to the commotion and know it ain't going away, we're ok with it. The personal trainer is in charge of these kids and he's really doing a good job getting them into a routine of physical fitness. He takes them into the gym, then looks to see if there's room in the workout room and if there is, sends them in there for workouts on the weight machines or cardio equipment. You see, these kids are ALL alot like the folks on Biggest Loser. Everyone of them is overweight and not just a little overweight. They are visibly chunky and pudgy. And they are just kids! Its sad to see, but at the same time good to see the trainer working with them. Here's an interesting article on overweight kids in America. Did you know 15% of children are overweight? Rick's grandson, Jenson, is a good example. He's 13, and I can't call him obese, but he's noticeably pudgy and guess what his favorite food is? Yup -- McDonalds. I'm sure he's hot for the Burger King that just went in too. But have no fear for Jenson - his mother is a nurse and knows about nutrition, so she's working with him. It could just be hereditary also -- Rick was a pudgy kid too. But when the kids get that taste for processed burgers and fries (and realize its SO cheap!), its hard to break them of that habit. Interesting topic.


DailySAHM said...

I am proud to say that my child has NEVER been to McDonald's!

Chili said...

I'm very proud of YOU Kera!!! spread that good word. jw

The Cooking Lady said...

We have recently gotten rid of nearly all processed foods in our home. I would say there is about 5% left, but I am working on that.

My daughter and I are vegetarians, and use some meat analogs, but the moment we find a recipe from scratch that can be used as a packaged substitution, then once the package is finished...out the window it goes, never to be seen again.

But finding and enjoying meat dish alternatives can be tricky. the newest one we have found is our meatless eggplant meatballs.